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Senior Citizens MOVE towards a “Fountain of Youth”

 Author: Angela Mucci  “If I don’t keep moving, my arthritis hurts so much I can barely move at all!” exclaimed Katie, a 75 year old woman at a local exercise class. Her insightful comment highlights the fact that physical activity often leads to more movement, due to...

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Local Fire Chief Reignites His Health

Author: Angela Mucci --- Waynesville Fire Chief Joey Webb has been working as a firefighter since the late 70’s. This last summer, at age 61, he found himself in a doctor’s appointment learning he had high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. “I was also having...

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Written by: Angela Mucci Last week’s Mountainwise blog profiled Matthew Lyvers, a father, nurse and Veteran who successfully utilized a local Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) after learning he was at high risk for developing diabetes. While participating in the DPP...

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Donna Beaver’s Health Transformation

Written by: Angela Mucci Interest was piqued last month at the Haywood Worksite Wellness Council meeting, when attendee Nancy Warren highlighted the story of one woman’s incredible transformation. While participating in her worksite wellness program Donna Beaver...

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