MountainWise is committed to increasing community access to healthy, affordable foods through the MountainMarket program. When your local stores stock healthy and local food, MountainWise works with them to help sell them. Through signage, shelving, ads and one-on-one time with a marketer, MountainWise will work to make your store a MountainMarket.

Better For the Bottom Line

We are committed to working directly with your store to help increase your market sales and expand your customer base through selling healthy food items such as fresh produce, whole grain bread, healthy snacks and merchandising items that you already stock. We will provide marketing, technical assistance, and resources to enhance what you already provide, while identifying new additions to boost sales and increase access to healthy foods. If you are interested in establishing a MountainMarkets program, please contact Nan Kramer at

Can Corner Stores Influence Healthy Eating?

In 2014 and 2015, the MountainMarkets (MM) Healthy Corner Store Project sought to increase the number of convenience and corner stores that sold fresh produce in Western North Carolina (WNC). To learn the outcomes, read our case study!

Stores Near You

The more healthy food you sell, the more promotion you will receive. You can find out more through Healthy Eating in your area.


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