mountainair-01Since the mid-2000’s, smoke-free policies have been on the rise among rental properties throughout the country. Tens of thousands of buildings are currently smoke-free and more are continuing to make the transition. The U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), housing trade associations, and other housing industry leaders agree that smoke-free policies are becoming known as the industry standard. Property managers have realized that adopting policies to ban smoking in and around the premises lead to improvements in many areas.

The movement toward smoke-free housing is beneficial for both renters and owners, as smoke-free buildings are cheaper to maintain and healthier for all. While some owners have discovered the benefits of eliminating smoking on their properties years ago, the smoke-free trend has increased significantly in recent times. If you are interested in establishing a MountainAir program, please contact Tobin Lee at

The Big Picture

As a property manager, you can expect a smoke-free policy to include benefits such as these:

  • Healthier employees and tenants
  • Lower cost to maintain
  • Attraction of new renters
  • Shorter turnaround periods
  • Lowered risk of fire
  • Reduced legal liability
  • Lower Insurance costs

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