Excitement (July 2011)

Say what? A diagnosis of pre-diabetes could be the best thing to happen to me?

The short answer is, a diagnosis of pre-diabetes gives you the opportunity to halt full-blown type 2 diabetes in its tracks.

The longer answer is here in this blog post!

“How Would I Even Find Out if I Have Pre-Diabetes?”

Most physicians start by ordering a simple fasting blood glucose test for their patients. Some people are surprised by the test and wonder, why do I need to take this test?

Joshua Wynne MD had this to say in response to a similar question in his “Health Matters” advice column for the Grand Forks Herald,

So why might it be useful to screen for diabetes in someone like you who has no symptoms or effects from diabetes? Because there is fairly good evidence that treating prediabetes may delay or prevent the development of full-blown diabetes, especially in higher-risk individuals. This is particularly applicable in individuals who exhibit no symptoms, who are 40 to 70 years old and are overweight or obese — sound like you? So should you be screened? In a word, yes. (n.b.: emphasis ours)

 We think this message can get lost in the mix: Type 2 diabetes is preventable, not inevitable.

Screening for diabetes – via that blood test – can identify what interventions you need to delay or prevent diabetes. Don’t just tell yourself you’ll diet and do more exercise. You may need medical intervention, too. Even more reason to get tested!

Let’s cut to the chase. Why should you get tested for type 2 diabetes?

Because the screening gives you the best opportunity to prevent diabetes from ever happening to you.

How MountainWise is Combatting the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic in Western North Carolina

Make no mistake, there is an epidemic. Nearly 11 percent of adult residents of Western North Carolina have diabetes of either type. According to a different report, the rate is 9 percent for the entire state, and nationally the rate is 6.4 percent (these numbers include type 1 diabetes as well).

So why were only 60 percent of North Carolina adult residents checked for high blood sugar in 2010? If you got a 60 on a test in school, what grade would you get? D-.

That’s why MountainWise is sponsoring a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) for Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain, and Transylvania counties. Most of these programs are already underway, but Swain County is still recruiting people who are at risk for diabetes.


Check out our program page for more details.


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