Numbers don't lie.

1 in 3 people have pre-diabetes. 
Are you 1?
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Western North Carolina…

…has a history of storytelling: passing on traditions and knowledge from one generation to another. A region rich in farming, folk traditions, arts and music, and outdoor living has much to offer its residents. A bounty of opportunities for healthy eating, active living, and living in a tobacco free environment exists, and can be embraced. At MountainWise, we believe this is the key to a healthy community.

By honoring traditions and embracing the natural resources of the mountains, we can make the healthy choice the easy choice and strengthen the health of all communities in Western North Carolina.

The MountainWise Region

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Latest News:

Donna Beaver’s Health Transformation

Interest was piqued last month at the Haywood Worksite Wellness Council meeting, when attendee Nancy Warren highlighted the story of one woman’s incredible transformation. While participating in her worksite wellness program Donna Beaver changed her health, her state...


On March 6th, 2018, employees and citizens from all over Haywood County met with Health Department Educators and Coordinators to discuss their goals and the progress they have made. Their main goal: to improve the health and wellness of those in their workplace...



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