Why worksite wellness programs? Because employed people spend approximately 36 percent of their waking hours at work. That makes the worksite an excellent place to influence and encourage healthy behaviors around eating, physical activity, and managing stress.

In Haywood County of North Carolina, 61 percent of the population is either overweight or obese. This has a huge impact on the health of the community.

Haywood County is also home Old Town Bank (OTB). As a local and thriving small business, OTB has a good reason to care about the health of its employees and surrounding community.

President & CEO Charles Umberger recognizes the importance of good employee health. Employees are any business’s greatest asset! Improving the health and wellbeing of OTB employees is always at the forefront of the mind of Lurissia Hendrix, Human Resources Director at OTB. When she met MountainWise’s Melissa Rockett, Hendrix seized the opportunity to take advantage of WorkWise, our worksite wellness initiative.

MountainWise worked closely with OTB to tailor a worksite wellness program that met OTB’s unique needs. Now OTB’s program is beginning to influence the whole community.

As Umberger says in the video, “Any employer needs to look at developing and growing and having a work environment where its employees feel good about the place they work, they feel healthy. Worksite wellness is a critical part of that for any employer.”

Take a look and hear how OTB’s program is making for happier, healthier employees.